Meet Michael!

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Today marks my five year anniversary in New York! Very timely indeed, as recently I began a new chapter in my NYC life by welcoming a new roommate, my younger brother Michael who moved here two weeks ago to pursue a masters degree in piano performance at Manhattan School of Music. I have been quite stubborn in my pursuit towards achieving my dreams despite living in New York City is not a natural choice for a girl from the Northwest. Having a piece of home come join me here is VERY exciting! Plus, I think my brother is pretty awesome (don’t tell him I told you…) and he is quite possibly the most talented person I know. His talent, passion and drive are so inspiring to me and I am happy to welcome his energy and music back into my life! I would like to introduce you to Michael so you can see exactly what I mean and follow his journey, it is sure to be a successful one.

Michael, Heather and Lindsay Refvem

Michael, Heather and Lindsay Refvem

Listen to Gaspard de la Nuit – I. Ondine

by┬áMaurice Ravel (1875-1937) – performed by Michael Refvem.

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